Office Setup 2019 & Office 365 Setup install help with

 Download Office and install Office or reinstall Office Setup 365 or Office 2019 on a PC or Mac computer

How to Setup Office from

  1. Open Microsoft Office’s official website or in your browser search bar.
  2. To sign in to your Microsoft Office account enter your email and password.
  3. New user? create an account.
  4. Put in your 25 character Product key which is shown in the office activation card.
  5. Now Download Setup, Run File.
  6. Click on Install. The office setup is ready.

Enter your Office Product Key – Office Setup is the only URL through which you can install Microsoft Office products on your machine. You can use 25 character key code and redeem it. If you have already redeemed your office product key in your Microsoft office account then you can directly download it from If you are facing trouble installing Microsoft office, Don’t worry! You are on right place to fix it. click here to get list of installation error fixes.

What is Microsoft Office?


Microsoft Office, is a collection of client software, server software and services designed by Microsoft. Microsoft office was introduced by Bill Gates in August 1, 1988 at Comdex in Las Vegas. The first version of Microsoft office was introduced with Microsoft Office, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint. Microsoft Word was developed to create documents. Microsoft Excel was developed to create spreadsheet. Microsoft PowerPoint was developed to create presentations.

 There are other applications of Microsoft Office which every user don’t use very often that is why Microsoft created the groups of applications in collection called suites. There is a suite of applications developed for students only, other suite are for home and small business users, and a separate suite for large companies. Each suite’s price is based on what’s inside it.


Microsoft Office History of Versions


Version NameRelease Date/Year
Microsoft Office for WindowsOctober 1990
Microsoft Office 3.0August 30, 1992
Microsoft Office 4.x1994
Microsoft Office 1995August 24, 1995
Microsoft Office 19971997
Microsoft Office 2000July 7, 1997
Microsoft Office XPMay 31, 2001
Microsoft Office 2003October 21, 2003
Microsoft Office 2007January 30, 2007
Microsoft Office 2010June 15, 2010
Microsoft Office 2013January 30, 2012

Microsoft Office 2016 

Microsoft Office 2019

Microsoft Office 365

September 22, 2015 

September 24, 2018 

June 28, 2011 


WWW.OFFICE.COM/SETUP – Office 365 For Work

Office 365 is not just an email application or a word processor. If you choose right subscription plan. For businesses, for enhancing productivity in the organization has become necessary and Office 365 is making it easy. To get the all features of Office 365 you need to upgrade your plan to the updated fullest version of it instead of using the basic plan, which limits you from the updated features. Use your Office 365 subscription to the most to get every feature of it.

Microsoft is a full package of software for all in computer utility solutions for computers. The 365 enables users to access Outlook, One Drive, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, Yammer, on one-go, which helps you to communicate, collaborate, create and get desired results. Whether a student is using it or a business owner, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and all other Microsoft Office products are essential.


Windows- New features which are in the Windows release has the ability to create, open, edit, and save files in the cloud directly from the desktop, a new search tool for commands is also available in Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Access named “Tell Me”, more “Send As” options in Word and PowerPoint, and telling in real time with users connected to Office Online.

New features released in the Mac have an updated user interface that utilizes ribbons, complete support for Retina Display, and new sharing features for Office documents.

Word has a new Design tab, an Insights feature, empowered by Bing, and real-time co-authoring.

Excel includes a Recommended Charts feature and PivotTable Slicers whereas PowerPoint has theme variants, rendering multiple color schemes for a theme.

Outlook has a Propose New Time feature, which enables users to see calendars side by side, also a weather forecast in the calendar view.

Even if you are a regular user of MS Office set up, you may get confused at some point and a single inappropriate step would take you into trouble.

So, before you to play with any of the features, you should consider the presence of a consultant.



Like previous editions, Office 2016 is made available in multiple different editions aimed towards different markets.

Here are five traditional editions of Office 2016 released for Windows-

  • Home & Student: This retail suite has core applications only.
  • Home & Business: This retail suite has the core applications as well as Outlook.
  • Standard: This suite, only available through volume licensing channels, has the core applications, Outlook and Publisher.
  • Professional: This retail suite has core applications, Publisher, Outlook, and Access.
  • Professional Plus: This suite, only available through volume licensing channels, has the core applications, Publisher, Access, Outlook, and Skype for Business.


Office 365 for Business

When you are working in an office, you have the teams which are working together on a project or your employees need to work on some projects and they do have need to make documentation or make presentation and many more thing. So, for betterment of your employees, you need a better communicator, at that point of time you need Office 365 for business. Microsoft office 365 is a comprehensive, more efficient powered by Office 365 and Windows 10. They allows you to build your team work more powerful, efficient, safeguard your business and management.

This helps you increment in profitability and productivity through Office applications expanded with the most recent AI instruments and online storages.

So this Office 365 have all great and highly-engineered features, for that purpose you will definitely need help from experts so that they can come over your office or they will do it remotely. Your Office 365 will be ready to work in few hours.

Office 365 for Home

You may have seen many times that your computer is asking for Work, Home or other networks you want to set. Same like that Microsoft Office 365, this is also like you can get Office 365 for home Office 365 for business and many more you can check here

Features of Office 365 Home-

You can install Office 365 in 6 PC’s in your family

You can use it on different PCs/Macs, Smartphones, Tablets of different Platforms like Windows, IOS and Android.
You can use Premium version on PC only like, MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Outlook, MS Access and MS Publisher.
In Addition you will get 1tb of OneDrive cloud storage with High Security to each User.
You can also share documents with others using office 365
you need to install separate application for IOS and Android.
You must need a consultant to understand its all features, however all these features are available in Office 365.

Office 365 for Education

Same like Office 365 for Home it also comes for Office 365 for Students/Education. If you are student or teacher you can get Office 356 for Student/Education for free in which you will get MS Word, MS Excel, MS OneNote, MS PowerPoint, and Now MS Teams as well as additional classroom tools, but you must have a valid school email ID for that.

One More important thing is , you must need help of local experts by which you can installation help and bug fixing. Doing this you will get better experience of Microsoft office 365 as a teacher or a student.

Office 365

Office 365 is one of the most popular and useful software in the world. More than 1.5 billion people around the world use Microsoft Office.

Office 365 comes with subscription, means users need to pay to use the services of office 365. Office 365 always allows you to have a updated version of it as it is updated from the Microsoft’s end. Office 365 gives you great features more than using Microsoft word and excel. Office 365’s all applications and services are connected.

Office is getting better

On every launch of new version of Microsoft Office is getting more efficient and useful. This is because Microsoft is taking it to another level with being keen to keep improving it on each update.

System Requirements for Microsoft Office:

System component requirement for installation of Microsoft Office.

Computer and Processor:

Windows OS: 1.6 GHz or faster, 2-core. 2GHz or greater.

Mac OS: Intel Processor or M1 Processor


Windows OS: 4 GB RAM, 2 GB RAM (32-bit)

Mac OS: 4 GB

Hard Disk:

Windows OS: 4 GB of available hard disk space

Mac OS: 10 GB of available hard disk space


Windows OS: 1280 x 768 screen resolution

Mac OS: 1280 x 800 screen resolution


Windows OS: Graphics hardware acceleration requires DirectX 9 or later to run office smoothly, with WDDM 2.0 or later versions for windows 10

Mac OS: No graphics required.

Operating System:

Windows OS: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2019 or Windows Server 2016

Mac OS: One of the three most recent versions of macOS. When a new version is released, the macOS requirement becomes one of the current three most recent versions. The new version of macOS and the previous two versions.


The current version of Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome or Firefox.

Microsoft Azure, is it safe?

Microsoft Azure can be really cloud-based calculating assistance, that’s handled beneath Microsoft’s very own data center’s plus it’s probable that Microsoft includes plenty of information on such servers ahead. Being in front of Microsoft signifies, a lot of controversies. That really is actually a fantastic item but in addition, something which is in fact very simple and easy to utilize and also a large amount of service was placed about it.

Microsoft Azure is handled by means of a lot of men and women and this is among many most useful we are able to select out of, although the query which consistently disturbs us is,” in the event the task we’re uploading to your servers is clearly dependable, very well if this is accurate we are able to declare for today it is certainly true. However, just before we leap into some decisions let’s confront and assess it.

Microsoft was banned from German faculty rather than staying secure and getting convicted of information liquidation to govt. along with also other businesses. It follows that we’re uncertain about any of it. We’re not certain whether the info we upload Microsoft controlled servers is obviously readable or reachable from the authorities.

In case, any scenario the info can be obtained from the authorities or every company meaning every one of the data remains in risk also will be read or obtained at any moment; point. This really is among the primary motives we must concentrate on our stability legal rights and legislation. Microsoft is even though a huge provider and won’t set its consumer base in danger. However, they’re very impatient rather than buying their buyer info.

In addition, this may signify a significant reduction to Microsoft in the event the coverage incorporates exactly the US government data viewing prepare. We will need to check this great item and inspect the fundamentals of provider policy about the job. We are not able to put tremendously classified records over the servers and also allow hackers perhaps not to glancing engrossed as well. Hackers are called hackers because of this they could heckle and hack on your systems and servers, all these really are simply mare devices.

Therefore, and to simplify things, Azure is a massive assortment of servers and network hardware, using a complicated set of distributed applications which orchestrate the configurationand also the functioning of the bootable hardware and also those servers’ software.  And it’s this orchestration that helps make Azure indeed effective: consumers ‘ are actually responsible for upgrading and maintaining the hardware, also as Azure will take good care of this from your desktop.

Before expecting such a thing, we ought certainly to be certain the task we’re doing is really so nice and crucial for all of us. Businesses using an existent installation of Microsoft technology, especially Windows Server and Active Directory, will discover Azure for quite a persuasive update. Since Windows Server 2008 has now reached the conclusion of conventional service, intending a migration into cloud-hosted Azure products and services could possibly be more preferable to investments within fresh host hardware along with Windows Server permits.

You can go to the Microsoft provisions and coverage in the

Can I try Microsoft 365 trails?

Yes, you can try Microsoft 365 by signing up for free for a month on Microsoft 365 website. (Note that a credit card is required for the free trial.) The one-month trial gives you access to all the features of Microsoft 365 and you can share it with up to 5 of your people in the family.

How do I download office setup ?

1. Go to, if you are not signed in to your account, click on sign in. 

2. Sign in to your office account which is already associated to your Microsoft office.

3. After singing in, find your product of office that is associated to this account and click install.

4. Once the file is downloaded, click on that and your Microsoft office will get installed and you are good to go.  

How do I Activate my Microsoft Office ?

1. Open your browser and Go to
2. Sign in to your Microsoft account. If you don’t have one create it by clicking Create a new account.
3. After you are logged in to your account, put in your office setup product key and click on next.
4. Now your Microsoft office is activated.
5. Click on download and once the download is finished click on the setup of Microsoft Office.
6. Now, wait for the setup to complete and start using Microsoft Office apps.

Does uninstalling Microsoft office 365 deactivate your license?

If you want to uninstall/remove Microsoft office 365 on any of your devices or you want to get a new one, or decide you no longer want Microsoft Office installed. You can uninstall the software easily without losing or deactivating your license. Later you can download and install the application from the same account of office that you have installed it earlier from.

How do I ReInstall Microsoft Office without Product Key ?

1. Go to your Control Panel and Click on Program and Features.

2. Find and click on Microsoft Office In your Program list, then select uninstall and proceed.

3.  Go to, if you are not signed in to your account, click on sign in.

4. Sign in to your office account which is already associated to your Microsoft office.

5.After singing in, find your product of office that is associated to this account and click install.

6. Once the file is downloaded, click on that and your Microsoft office will get installed and you are good to go.

Where do I find my office product key?

• If you have purchased Microsoft office on a disc, the product key will be inside of the package on a label of the card.

• If you have purchased Microsoft office on a disc, the product key will be inside of the package on a label of the card.

• If you have purchased Office product key card, product key will be inside the package on a label.

• If you have purchased Microsoft Office online the product key will be in your email. 

What is a product key?

A product key is a 25-charactered code that comes with a Microsoft Office product. The product key which comes along with office subscription allows you to activate and install the Office product on your PC.

Will Microsoft office 365 be identical on a PC and a Mac?

No, Software’s are made keeping operating systems in mind. The apps available for Mac users and features included may be different from those available for PC users. With Microsoft office 365, you ca be flexible. With your account, you are not limited to go for Mac or go for PC, you can select the versions of Microsoft office 365 from Mac to PC.

How do I share my subscription benefits with my family members?

If you have Microsoft Office 365 Family subscription, You can share that subscription with up to 5 members of your family. Each family member you share your subscription with can install Microsoft Office 365 on all of their devices and use five devices at the same time.

How long does it take to download the setup of MS Office?

Download time varies by location to location, internet connection speed, and the size of the Microsoft Office product you are downloading. Microsoft recommends using only high-speed internet to download your office setup file.

What happens when I finish downloading office?

Once the download is completed, you need to navigate to the location that you saved the office setup file at and double click on it to start the installation process of Microsoft Office.

What if the office setup download stops or is interrupted before it is complete?

If your internet is disconnected while office setup is getting downloaded on your device, try reconnecting the internet and retry your download.

How do I uninstall Microsoft 365 or office?

To uninstall Microsoft 365 or office on your windows computer, go to the control panel, select Microsoft 365 or office, and click uninstall, follow the steps to uninstall the program.

Do I need to keep my product key?

Once you redeem your Office product key to your Microsoft account, you can log in to the account to install and manage Microsoft office or 365. But it is a good thing to keep your product key at your secure location as proof of purchase or to help Microsoft support agents trace your product.

Is internet access required for Microsoft 365?

Internet access is important to install and activate all the new releases of apps and services included in all Microsoft 365 subscription plans. If you are an existing subscriber, you do not need to reinstall or purchase another subscription.

How do I cancel my trial before it ends?

If you have signed up for the trial through Microsoft 365 website, login into your Microsoft Account and turn off recurring billing. With this approach, Microsoft 365 trial will expire when your month is finished, and your card will not be charged.

If you have signed up for the trial on your new PC, your trial will expire automatically after a month, it is not necessary to cancel it. Once trial ends, you will be notified to choose which Microsoft 365 plan you want to purchase.

What happens when my trial ends?

It depends on how you have signed up for the trial:
If you have signed up from the official Microsoft 365 website, and if yearly billing is enabled on the Microsoft account site, your services will continue nonstop and your card will be automatically charged once the trial ends, and then yearly thereafter. You don’t need to install office apps again.

If you have signed up by clicking on signup on your new PC, your trial will end automatically after a month, it is not necessary to cancel it. Once the trial ends, you will be notified to choose any of the plan of Microsoft 365.