Microsoft Office may be a software which is present in every computer. it’s a valuable tool because it comes in handy on a day today. you would like it whether you’re knowledgeable, a retiree, or a student. It helps in documentation because it offers all the essential tools required for digital documentation. it’s a highly user-friendly app, and it’s very easy to use.

If you would like to require the utmost advantage of this tool, it’s important that you simply know all about the features of the tool. it’s important that you simply skills to use each function in order that you’ll create excellent and exceptional documents. per annum, there’s a replacement version of Microsoft Office launched, and it comes with new features.

Here are some of the useful features.

The Smart Lookup Feature:

This is a feature that makes it easier to seek out facts through search engines. It helps to seem at the context of the text which you’ve got selected and examine the circumstances which will surround it and show you all the relevant results. This feature is out there in Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. you’ll use the browser to look at the texts, but the feature is a superb adjustment that is beneficial in saving time.

Helping you with the Recent Documents:

If you would like to email a document to your friend but you are doing not remember where you’ve got saved it, then this will cause tons of problems. The office features a feature that allows you to ascertain all the recent documents that you simply have worked on. you are doing not need to spend any overtime rummaging through all the folders that you simply need to find the specified document.

The ‘Tell Me’ Feature:

It is a highly useful feature because it is that the fastest way of going to the features you would like to use or action you would like to perform. All you would like to try to do is to A word or phrase that’s associated with the activities that you simply want to accomplish. The box will show a menu where you’ll see the suggestions. It helps in going to the features that you simply need. If you would like some help, you’ll also get that with the customary helper viewer.

Keeping the Documents Up-to-Date:

By using the Microsoft Office Professional, you’ll maintain the fabric up so far. It offers the feature of adding the newest date and time to the document. once you use the document on the other date, then you’ll put the present time and date thereon. It only takes seconds. it’s possible that you simply may forget to update the date and time, so word offers a feature that helps in updating it automatically.

Word: An Excellent Brainstorming Tool:

If you would like to collect some ideas before you begin performing on your document, then Word can assist you. you’ll choose anywhere on the document, double click, and begin writing. It offers freestyle writing. you’ll write down all of your ideas while leaving some space in between them for elaborating on the points. you’ll insert texts and graphics also. it’s a superb tool for mind mapping.

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Easy Steps to Create Graphs from Tables:

If the document that you simply are writing features a lot of tables in it and you would like to make graphs, the new word feature has made it easier to convert the tables into graphs. There are three simple steps that may help in making graphs. All you would like to try to do is to insert a tab which is on the ribbon. the subsequent step is to click the tool named object. it’s available within the group labeled text and open the panel. once you open the thing types, you would like to pick the Microsoft Graph Chart. you’ll get the graphs by clicking thereon. there’s also an option that can help in formatting the document.

Translation Options:

You can translate the document into different languages by using the translate feature. you’ll find this feature within the research tab on the proper side of the office. you’ll translate just a word or as many sentences as required. It also allows you to translate the entire document, regardless of what the length of the document is. you’ll display it on the online browser.

These are a number of features that are highly useful in ensuring that you simply can create your documents efficiently.