Both Microsoft Word and Google Docs offer many features to assist you to complete your data processing tasks. during a lot of the way, they’re interchangeable. But there are instances when one is certainly better than the opposite.

In this article, we’ll compare Google Docs to Microsoft Office Word. We’ll re-evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of every, so you’ll make the simplest choice for you.

Why You Should Use Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is probably the most popular word processing software in the world. It’s got a proven track record, and it’s backed by a solid company.

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There are many reasons to use Microsoft Word. Here are four:


Peek into the computers inside offices and houses and you’ll probably see Microsoft Word installed in them. And this isn’t just true for Windows computers. Word is now available for various operating systems and mobile devices.

This means Microsoft Word is familiar to several users. this is often a crucial consideration if you’ll be collaborating on a document with people. for instance, if you’re working with clients, they’ll already be using Word in their day-to-day work. Continuing to use Word is that the most rational and efficient thing to try.

Robust Word Processing Features

Microsoft Word has been around since 1989. Since then, it’s been adding features and improving its interface. Use it to make all kinds of print documents imaginable—not only for work but also for private and academic uses.

If you’re making a document that’s more complicated than a single-page flyer or a brief report, then you almost certainly need Word. It’s the foremost reliable word processing system for long documents or manuscripts that have several chapters, a dynamic table of contents, and indexing.

Word is additionally your best bet if you’re creating something in an unusual size. And if you would like more granular control of text formatting, image positioning, and so on, then you’re happier using Word.

Microsoft Office Integration

Another clear strength of Word is its seamless integration with This matters if you want to, say, embed charts from Excel into your Word document. Once embedded, update the charts in Excel and the charts within your Word document will automatically update as well.

Microsoft Word Templates

Finally, to make impressive documents, do so by using Word templates.

Even if you don’t know the primary thing about design, templates for Word will cause you to appear as if an inventive pro. Choose a template, replace the placeholder text and pictures together with your own, and choose your branding colors. That’s all you would like to try to do.

To make the planning and layout truly your own, change the location of varied elements—or add new ones. Word templates are completely customizable.