Millions of people use Microsoft Outlook but how many really make use of its features? The abundance of buttons and tabs can put some people off, it can seem confusing and complicated. But it’s quite brilliant, most people just aren’t using it effectively.

Here are features that most people are unaware of, which have the potential to change your entire experience of Outlook:

scheduling emails

Sometimes I work late in the dark, but I don’t always want clients knowing that. you would possibly have some news, a blog, or a piece of writing that you simply don’t wish people to understand until subsequent day, but you will not have time then to start out sending updates. Outlook allows you to write down an email and schedule once you want it to travel out.

How: Once you’ve written your email, attend Options>Delay Delivery and tick the box that reads don’t deliver before, then enter the date and time you’d just like the message held until. Click close then send your email. It won’t be sent before your specified time.

Create new meetings, appointments, tasks, and contacts from one window.

If like me you discover yourself switching between contacts, calendar, and email frequently, then you’ll adore this feature. It allows you to make a replacement task or appointment without having to go away from your inbox.

How: from your email home page click the sink arrow next to the New Email button. Then you merely select which item you’d wish to add: a contact, meeting appointment then on. you’ll also access an equivalent list by right-clicking on your Outlook icon in your Start Bar.

Send similar emails quickly with Quick Parts

If you send similar emails on a daily basis, for instance, to ask people about an occasion, then Quick Parts allows you to save lots of the text of the e-mail (or parts of it). Then you’ll insert it into future messages. Plus, if you reserve it as auto text, then next time you begin to write down an equivalent content, Outlook will suggest the remaining text for you and you’ll simply hit Enter to insert the text.

How: Once you’ve written your email, highlight the text you would like to save lots of. attend the Insert tab (top menu bar). snap Quick Parts, then Save Selection to Quick Part Gallery. you’ll then provide it a reputation for straightforward reference and within the Gallery sink, you’ll reserve it as Quick Part or as Auto text which can automatically suggest it next time you begin to type the start of the sentence.


We love keyboard shortcuts and there are some handy ones to understand when using Outlook:

• Switch to Mail: CTRL+1

• Switch to Calendar: CTRL+2

• Switch to Contacts: CTRL+3

• Switch to tasks: CTRL+4

• Make a replacement appointment: CTRL+SHIFT+A

• Create a replacement contact: CTRL+SHIFT+C

• Start a replacement message: CTRL+SHIFT+M

• Send message: ALT+S

• Reply to a message: CTRL+R

If you haven’t used keyboard shortcuts before, we’d highly recommend learning a couple of – you would be amazed at what proportion they speed up your day!

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Security Features

Microsoft Outlook incorporates a few increased security measures to safeguard your email account from predators. This additionally includes protection from junk and phishing web site email. Its inbuilt email scanner alerts you once you square measure sent one thing from AN devious sender. you’ll be able to disable live links and block senders through the protection options.


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