Have you ever stuck in such a situation where you would like to open an Excel file urgently but the absence of a correct Excel Application on your device denies opening it?

Don’t get worried because from today onwards you’ll easily open Excel files without Excel. All of you should believe is it truly conceivable to open Xls/xlsx document without Excel.

Indeed, there are various Alternative Options accessible to Open Excel Files without Excel but you don’t have the right MS Excel Applications program on your gadget.

Using Chrome Browser’s Free Extension

You can open the XLS/XLSX file easily in your Chrome browser just by employing a free extension.

Steps to feature Extension:

• Go to your chrome browser “setting” then tap to the “extensions”

• Now within the extension widow look for this “Office Editing For Docs, Sheets, And Slides”

• Once you get this extension, click the choice “add to chrome”.

• Within a couple of minutes, the extension will get added to your chrome browser.

Presently you’ll open and alter any of your Online XLS records without downloading them to your PC.

Besides that, you’ll also view and operate an Excel file that’s already present on your PC. For this, you only got to drag them into your chrome browser.


Excel Viewer

The second option is to use Microsoft’s own Excel viewer this will be used for viewing your older (.xls) or newer (.xlsx) file format Excel spreadsheets.

You need to download this application, its download document size is 74 Megabytes. Excel viewer also uses an equivalent core which is employed by Microsoft Excel application. This guarantees an Excel watcher application great similarity with any variant of Excel accounting pages.

Apache OpenOffice

Open office is counted as an alternate to the Microsoft Office program. With this free Apache OpenOffice suite program, clients can open MS Office records of any configuration.

In this Apache OpenOffice application, for opening an Excel file initially you would like to open the “calc” module. This backing all more seasoned and more up to date form Excel archives.

Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack

The individuals who all are having the past form of MS Office or MS Excel previously introduced on their PC. they will use Microsoft Office compatibility pack for adding extra support for xlsx file format. in order that spreadsheet of xlsx format (newer version) can easily be optimized in older version Excel application.

XLS Viewer 2.30

Another very tiny choice to open an Excel file without Excel is using XLS Viewer 2.30.

I have called it “tiny” because XLS Viewer 2.30 may be a tiny size app of about 1 MB. Though it’s tiny but works very exciting.

You can use this application for a gap, viewing, or printing of xls/xlsx spreadsheets which are created using Open Office or Microsoft Office program.

Google Docs

Many of you don’t even know that Google Docs has now started supporting the Excel 2007 xlsx format.

Already, this online assistance just backings Excel Xls records. But after the enhancement of the new features, it becomes too easy to figure with any Excel file version in Google Docs.

Click here to download Excel

Zoho Sheets

Another very smart choice to open an Excel file without Excel is using the free Zoho sheet tool. Zoho doesn’t ask you to form any user account to figure with Excel spreadsheet if you employ it’s “online Excel viewer option”. But if you would like to make a replacement Excel file then you would like to check in first.

Only you would like to upload your Excel file to the present website then you’ll start doing changes to it.

Either you’ll save your modified Excel sheet in your online account or in your computer. because it allows both the choice of the saving.

  1. look for ”Zoho sheets” in your browser then hit the “online Excel viewer option”.
  2. within the opened window of the web Excel viewer, you’ll get two option
  • Choose a file
  • Import from URL
  1. After making the choice for the Excel sheet, you’ll see that your Excel sheet starts uploading.
  2. When the uploading gets over, you’ll get to ascertain an option of View.
  3. Tap the present View option, you’ll easily view your selected Excel worksheet on your screen.

WPS Office

WPS Office is such a useful Office suite designed to run on various OS Platforms like macOS, Linux, Microsoft Windows, Android, iOS. This software program is formed from mainly three primary components: WPS Spreadsheet, WPS Presentation, and WPS Writer. Android users can get this application from the Google Play store and simply access their XLS/XLSX file without an Excel application, on their Android phones.

Actually, I additionally utilize this WPS Office on my telephone. I discovered this device works easily for opening and altering any of my XLS or XLXS records.