A Microsoft office product keys is a 25-character code that is wont to activate Windows and checks that Windows hasn’t been utilized on a bigger number of PCs than the Microsoft Software License Terms allow.

If you’ve got just purchased Microsoft Office, you’ll be experiencing some difficulties with the way to use it.

For example, you’ll be unsure of the way to use your product keys in Microsoft Office otherwise you got to reinstall Office and are unsure to try to do so without a product key.

Even if you’d wish to skills to figure around your installations without having a product key, then this is often the article for you. If you’d wish to find out how to try to do so, then keep reading.

After purchasing Microsoft office, Where do I enter my Product Key?

There are two headings you can take for this. One, if your product key is new and never utilized, furthermore if you purchased your item key through Microsoft Store.


If your product Key is New:

1. First, as prompted you’ll be directed to use your Microsoft account to urge started

2. Then type in your product key within the space provided

3. Lastly, you’ll be enabled to realize access to your Microsoft Office.

If you Purchased Microsoft Office Through the Microsoft Store, Here is where to enter your Product key:

1. First, within the search bar, type in www.microsoftstore.com. Next, navigate to the upper right corner of the screen and choose to check-in. Then, when prompted, type in your user ID and password that you simply want to purchase Office.

2. After you’ve got signed in, your name should appear within the upper right corner. After you decide on your name, choose Order History

3. you’ll then got to locate either the Office one-time purchase or the individual Office application. Then choose the Install Office option so as to look at your product key. confine mind that this doesn’t install Office.

4. within the window where the merchandise key pops up, select Install Office

5. Next, you’ll be taken to a page that says, Hi. Let’s Get your Office. Follow the prompts that are given so you’ll associate your product key together with your Microsoft Account and also begin the installation process

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How to Install Office Through Microsoft HUP

Lastly, If you bought Microsoft Office through Microsoft HUP, this is often how you enter your Product Key:

  1. When installing Office Professional Plus, Project Professional, or Visio Professional by utilizing your manager’s Microsoft HUP advantage, you’ll enter your product key after the installation has been finished.
  2. First, open any Microsoft Office application, for instance, Word, Project, or Visio. this may depend completely on the sort of purchase you made.
  3. Next, on the check in to line up Office screen, you’ll get to choose the choice, I don’t want to check-in or create an account (this are going to be a little link at rock bottom of your screen)

At last, type in your Microsoft HUP product key to activate Microsoft Office.

From a conclusive point of view, we discussed How to Use Your Product Keys in Microsoft Office in different ways. Visit office.com/setup to know more about product keys.