Recently we found several complaints from Microsoft Excel users who are having problems with the software. Apparently, the program is crashing whenever they plan to open a replacement file or a minimum of 50 percent of the time. The question is, then, is it possible to urge obviate this issue? Our answer to the present is yes, and that’s what we’re getting to mention today.

Here’s the thing, the matter here might be thanks to any number of causes, which suggests, we’re getting to discuss several fixes that will likely set things straight before the top of the article. we propose trying every option until one works for you, so let’s get right down to it.

Excel is crashing or not responding

You could see any of the following error messages:

  • Excel is not responding.
  • Excel has stopped working.
  • A problem caused the program to stop working correctly.

We are going to take a look at the following options:

  1. Start Excel in Safe Mode
  2. Disable Add-ins
  3. Install the latest updates
  4. Check if the file is being generated by third-party
  5. Perform selective startup

Start Excel in Safe Mode

To figure out if something external is causing Excel to act crazy, the simplest option is to start out it in Safe Mode. to try to do this, click on CTRL while you begin the program, or launch the instruction, type excel.exe /safe, and hit the Enter key on the keyboard.

If all issues are resolved, then it simply means there’s an opportunity you’ll need to disable one or more add-ins if any are activated.

Disable Add-ins individually

OK, so confirm you’re still in before moving to deactivate add-ins. Yes, this will be done albeit you’re not in Safe Mode, but seeing as we’re unsure what’s causing Excel to shut automatically, it’s best to require the safer route.

To disable all add-ins, click on File > Options > Add-ins. From there, select COM Add-ins, then click on the Go button. Now, confirm to uncheck all boxes within the list of enabled add-ins, then hit OK. Finally, close Excel, restart your Windows 10 computer, and you’re good to travel, hopefully.

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Install the latest updates

Maybe your Office install has yet to accumulate new updates thanks to a specific setting in Windows 10. to form sure you’ll always get the most recent updates, click on the Windows key + I to launch the Settings app.

In the wake of doing that, click on Update and Security a look at Advanced choices. Within this section, users should see “Give me updates for other Microsoft products once I update Windows.” confirm it’s activated, then return one step backward and click on on the “Check for Updates” button.

If updates are indeed available, install them, restart the pc and check another time to ascertain if the crashing issue has been solved.

Check if the file is being generated by third-party

There are sure circumstances where an outsider application is creating Excel documents. However, during this case, the files could also be generated incorrectly, which suggests, certain things won’t work as they ought to.

What you would like to try here is to disallow the third-party app from working together with your Excel file, then plan to open this enter Excel. If it still doesn’t work, then the difficulty lies elsewhere.

Perform a Selective Startup

At now, we’ve to wonder if your computer has selective startup enabled. Maybe certain things aren’t loading properly after a reboot, so during this case, we propose enabling Selective Startup if it’s not on already.

Click the Windows key + R, then type MSConfig, and eventually, hit the Enter key. you ought to see the System Configuration window, just navigate to the overall tab and choose Selective startup. then, restart your Windows 10 computer and check if Excel remains acting up.