The Microsoft PowerPoint application is a component of the Microsoft Office suite of productivity tools. The software allows you to make professional-looking slideshows for all kinds of communication, from informal office meetings to large auditorium-sized presentations. PowerPoint also can be wont to create newsletters, calendars, photo albums, or for any project that involves the presentation of text or images. provides an upscale set of PowerPoint functions also as free templates and themes to assist users in effectively communicate their ideas.

Importance of Microsoft PowerPoint

Since its first release by Microsoft in 1987, PowerPoint has become typical for business and classroom slideshows. Although other applications are available that perform similar functions, like Prezi and Viseme, PowerPoint has the advantage of being an integrated part of the Microsoft Office application suite. Users of other Office applications like Word and Excel are familiar with the interaction style found in PowerPoint and just like the ease with which they will move between PowerPoint and other applications.

Microsoft PowerPoint Slideshow Creation Features

PowerPoint provides a good range of powerful features for slideshow creation. Predefined templates allow you to start with specific design elements that match the aim of your slideshow. Templates also provide an overall design theme that enforces a uniform search for every slide. you’ll add formatted text to slides, including bulleted lists, also as geometric shapes like lines, arrows, and stars. you’ll import illustrations and photos also as videos. Tools for creating diagrams, graphs, and charts also are available.

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The computer graphics features of MS PowerPoint allow you to add dynamic interest to slideshows. Animation is often applied to text, images, and graphics to form them appear, disappear, change color and move across a slide. Music and audio are often added to carry the audience’s attention. you’ll also insert predefined transitions like cut, swipe, and dissolve to punch up the transition between slides during a presentation. In PowerPoint 2019 for Windows, you’ll insert a 3D image then dynamically rotate it in 3D space to look at all angles.

PowerPoint Presentation Features

After a slideshow is made, it is frequently run as a slideshow during an introduction. Microsoft upholds slideshow moderators with highlights like slide takes note of that are just seen by the moderator while a slideshow is playing. The Presenter View highlight allows the moderator to see the slideshow with notes on a PC or PC screen while the crowd sees just the slides. The Recording highlight permits you to record a slideshow introduction with sound for later playback.

PowerPoint Collaboration Features

Microsoft has added collaboration features to PowerPoint that creates it easier for teams of individuals to co-author a slideshow or add comments to a teammate’s presentation. Since is now available on a spread of devices, from smartphones and tablets to laptops and desktop computers, you’ll save slideshows to the cloud in order that they are often accessed by multiple people from differing types of devices. In newer versions of PowerPoint, changes made by different authors have merged automatically.